The first time I've visited IKI-BA was for work when I interviewed an event called "Yamanashi at Harajuku". Until then, I never knew that there was such a spacious green place in Harajuku.  


At the terrace in IKI-BA there is a mobile house made by Kyohei Sakaguchi. The decoration at IKI-BA changes every season, where this time there were bamboo art work decorating the entire place. 


You could enjoy the place with friends or relax at the counter or terrace. Somedays there are events, art installation, and even workshops going on.  

粋場は自立・自律した大人のための自由な空間であり、食と知への探求心を刺激する空間の提案をコンセプトに掲げています。全国各地、国内外の粋なお酒や食べ物がセレクトされ、味わえる。まさに粋。粋を言葉で説明するのは難しい。洗練された感性を持った者同士で心と心で通じ感じるものだから。説明する事自体、無粋というもの。Not 粋なのです。

The concept of IKI-BA is a place for independent adults where they can have freedom and be inspired with food and knowledge. Different types of alcohol and food are selected from all over Japan and the world. The word "IKI" in Japanese is hard to explain. Because it's something that people with common interest feel towards one another.  (The dictionary translated IKI to stylish. Stylish is a word that could be used but it doesn't fit perfectly)


The owner of IKI-BA is Yoshitane Nishioka. Where I call him Tane-san. He's knowledgeable in alcohol, food and tobacco through different culture. People with knowledge are full of humor since they have experienced so much and have their own  story to tell. When I first saw Tane-san's business card, his name reminded me of a rival character from a manga called "Bagabond". At that point, I knew he wasn't a normal guy. I've only met him a few times but I know he has great personal magnetism. 


His recommendation is a Tobacco stand that opened just a few days ago at a community space called COMMUNE246 in Aoyama. You could enjoy drinks and coffee that goes with tobacco and cigars at the lounge on the 2nd floor. They also serve a maniac drink called moonshine. Hopefully I can visit there someday soon. 


Moonshine is whisky with a very high alcohol content from the U.S. that's illegally distilled. It's called moonshine because it was normally distilled at night with the help of the moon light. The moonshine that's sold now is legalized so don't worry. 


"IKI" is not only a Japanese feeling but a feeling that's something common throughout the world. It's something that connects one another to communicate and be inspired. My partner and I are still not clear with what we are trying to obtain but we want to find and gather "IKI" around the world. By interacting with Tane-san I feel that we've got some hints for our future.

タネさんのブログ 映画と音楽を紹介しています。このブログが起因してINTO THE WILDを鑑賞しました。

Check out Tane-san's blog, where he introduces movies and music. We've ended up watched INTO THE WILD after reading his blog. 



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